Costume Gallery

The Galleria dei Costumi (Costume Gallery) is the result of a renovation project strongly desired by the Contrada for the preservation of its historical heritage. Located in Via del Paradiso, in the premises of the former Società di Camporegio (Camporegio Society), the Gallery was inaugurated in 2021 and is the latest addition to the Contrada del Drago’s museum itinerary which already includes the Oratory and the Sala delle Vittorie (Victories Hall). It is both an exhibition venue and a place for the Contrada's activities and was created for the need to preserve historical costumes and for their use. As a place of identity it is also used for the assemblies and elections that regulate the life of the Contrada. The Galleria shows the Monture and other objects of great importance for the history and identity of the Contrada and the territory.

The itinerary develops through the collection of ancient Monture, starting from the Nineteenth century, which have been used for the Passeggiata Storica. The first hall allows the guests to appreciate the evolution of historical costume over time, by viewing the various collections in chronological order.

The second room is dedicated to the historic Monture used for the Festa Titolare, the annual celebration during which the Drago honours its Patron Saint Catherine of Siena. These costumes offer an overview of the evolution of the same, used by the contradaioli dressed as bearers and drummers to pay homage to the Consorelle (Sisters, the other Contrade). The room also houses a niche in which the Monture for the Passeggiata used before the current ones are displayed in a position of honour.

The Galleria hosts as well the Monture currently used and is used to dress the Comparsa. It is also possible to see the room used by the bandieraie (flag makers), the contrada women who nowadays maintain the flags and sew new ones.

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