At the time of its foundation, in 1880, the Society was based in rooms of the Contrada del Drago, unfortunately no documentation is available that can confirm their exact location. On the 2nd July 1881 the Camporegio Society rented new premises in Via del Paradiso, just before the Contrada del Drago emerged victorious from the Palio in Piazza del Campo in August. For 130 years the Dragaioli carried out their Contrada activities in Via del Paradiso, until in May 2011 when the new premises behind the Basilica of San Domenico were inaugurated.

Over the years many premises of the Camporegio Society were rented out to local entities to raise income. During the 1960’s and the numerous victories for the Contrada in Piazza, many initiatives were put in place to increase daily use of the Society and also increase incomes, leading the acquisition of a new television and some say also the victory in August 1963! A bingo night was also started, a ritual that was to last for 30 years. Then, in January 1976 another and still running event began when Camporegio hosted the very first edition of “Diccelo” (or Tell Me!) a quiz game based on Siena and the Palio created by Enrico Giannelli. This event proved to be a great success and today still brings a packed and passionate audience of Contradioli from all Contradas into the Camporegio Society every year.

Camporegio is also a place where Society members can meet socially to eat and drink. For many years the running of the restaurant was entrusted the external organisations, including students and soldiers, but in the 1980s it was decided that this should be an internal activity where Dragaioli do the catering themselves so adding to the sense of being together. Today the Society is almost exclusively the domain of Dragaioli who over time have maintained or evolved many of the past, long held traditions to help create the perfect place and atmosphere for getting together and feeling part of a big family, that is the Contrada del Drago.

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