Numero Unico

The Numero Unico is the publication that the every victorious Contrada releases to celebrate their victory in the Palio.

The tradition began in the 1930s and has since become an essential element of the celebrations following a victory. The volume contains anecdotes related to the events of the Carriera (Palio), and there may be references to the horse, the jockey, and the events of the race, as well as stories about the Contrada members, how they received the news, and how they enjoyed those moments of euphoria. Moreover, the Numero Unicos are always accompanied by many photographs, other drawings, or cartoons, all connected to the themes of that particular victory by the Contrada, through a more or less visible "red thread" connecting the events, the name of the winning horse, and many other details of the celebrations.

There are 13 Numero Unico’s by the Contrada del Drago.

The first celebrates the victory achieved in the Extraordinary Palio of Peace (il Palio della Pace) held on the20th August 1945 to celebrate the end of the War... and does not have a title. Inside are the texts by Giuseppe Bimbi, Sergio Damiani, Ezio Felici, Lorenzo Fabbri (Pappio), Aldo Marzi, Giorgio Neri, the Picchi brothers, Mario Pulcinelli, Gino Regiori, Lorenzo Stecchini and Mario Verdone. The drawings are by Aldo Picchi.

The Numero Unico that celebrates the victory of 16th August 1962 and is called "Grancarriera", features a cover and drawings by Emgia. The coordinating directors are Alberto Rossi and Enrico Giannelli.

For the victory of 16th August 1963 comes "Piazza Pulita" followed by "Il filo d'Arianna" for the victory of 2nd July 1964, on both occasions with cover and drawings by Emgia and coordinating director Alberto Rossi.

For the victory of the 2nd July 1966, "Dragomania" was published.

To celebrate the end of the long fast and the return to victory, "Blessed are the Last" arrived on the 2nd July 1986 and involves the collaboration many Dragaiole and Dragaioli.

"Hippomancy" celebrates the victory of 16th August 1989, and "Embroidered", with the thousand faces of Emgia, which tells of the victory of 16th August 1992. The following year, after the victory of 16th August 1993, was the "Revolutionary United Colors of Drago” and the "Quore" attachment.

We arrive in the new millennium with "Nuovo Cinema Paradiso" which celebrates the victory of 16th August 2001, then in 2014 "D'Oppio-Doppio" for that of 2nd July 2014.

"Favoloso" is the Numero Unico for the victory of 2nd July 2018 and "Su Misura" for that of 2nd July 2022, the last Numero Unico (for now, until the next victory!).

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