Sanregio, Successful Edition: Gloria Paccagnini Wins

The Sanregio 2024 took place on May 1st, in a crowded venue, and it was a success. All thanks to the perfect organization by the Signori del Brio, who created a day that attracted many participants and entertained everyone.

The beautiful voice of Gloria Paccagnini won with "Set Fire to the Rain" by Adele. Second place went to Paolo Saracini and Gaia Baldi with "Sogna ragazzo sogna" by Roberto Vecchioni and Alfa. Third place went to the energetic "It's poty bitch" with the song "Baby, One More Time" by Britney Spears.

There were sixteen groups and singers in the competition, and thanks go to all for their efforts. A special mention for Costanza Bandini who, with "Don't Cry for Me Argentina" by Madonna, managed to captivate... the absolute silence of the room followed by thunderous applause. The prize was created by Chiara Tambani, a work of art made from materials sourced from the storerooms of the economato and named "The Bones of Camporegio".

The presenters Filippo Pratelli and Clara Fontanelli were impeccable. For Clara, a "Mariele Ventre" prize should have been established, including the canonization process!

A charming conclusion to Sanregio was the awarding of the Fantasanregio, which involved all the artists in the competition in entertaining challenges. The creative Paolo Saracini tied with Gabriele Bruni, who shared the top spot on the podium of the contest. All of this was perfectly documented by the delightful extra-long reels of Arianna Biliorsi.

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