The Maestri dei Novizi’s objective is to guide the young contradaioli through the transition from childhood to adulthood, which in our Contrada occurs at the age of sixteen with the so-called "String Ceremony". The ceremony symbolizes the entry of the Dragaiola or Dragaiolo into the active life of the Contrada including the acquisition of the right to participate at General Assemblies, the right to vote in the elections for the renewal of our executive positions, and to be able to hold the office of ”Assistente Vicario”.

Therefore, it is the task of the “Maestri dei Novizi” to educate the boys and girls in the principles and values of our Contrada with the goal of consolidating in them a sense of belonging to our Contrada. The various initiatives of the Novizi or Novices – include explaining the rituals, providing a direct knowledge of the territory and symbolic places of our Contrada such as the Oratory, the Museum, the Costume Gallery. Encouraging an understanding of the bursary functions and not neglecting the social and recreational aspects, which play a central role in the meetings organised by the group. All these activities are aimed at further strengthening the bonds that the “Gruppo Giovani”has woven, in addition to continuing the work of passing down the passion and love for the Contrada and making these young people the Dragaiole and Dragaioli of the future.

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