All newborns are welcomed into the Contrada with a letter and a bouquet of flowers, while a flag adorned with a pink or blue ribbon and a scroll announce the joyous event from the historic headquarters of the contrada in Piazza Matteotti. This marks the beginning of the little Dragaiole and Dragaioli’s lives, who are then guided through the first steps of their life in contrada by the men and women of the “Gruppo Giovani”.

As they grow, the young Dragaiole and Dragaioli’s year is marked by various events. Some fixed, such as Epiphany, Carnival, and our Patron Saint Festival which brings their much anticipated baptism, which officially marks their entry into our contrada. Other important events are the days of the Palio, the summer camp, the Festival honouring the Madonna in December, the decoration of the Christmas tree, and of course the arrival of Santa Claus. These are just some of the various occasions that the “Gruppo Giovani” promotes throughout the year with the aim of fostering fun moments of that bring together the children in an inclusive environment accomodating everyone according to their needs. The primary objective, therefore, is to create a bond amongst these young people, which will accompany them throughout their lives and, through the transmission of the values of our contrada and of Siena as a whole, which will enable them to become the Dragaiole and Dragaioli of the future.

This is the intent that drives our “Gruppo Giovani”, which follows and supports the children from birth until adolescence when they become “Novizi” and a new chapter in their lives opens.

For further information, please contact the “Gruppo Giovani Dragaioli” at the following email address:

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