"The heart that burns within me becomes flames in my mouth."

The emblem of the Contrada derives from the ancient military company of San Donato ai Montanini, which depicted a dragon in memory of Saint Catherine, whose family, the Benincasa, had a dragon as the symbol of their coat of arms.

It is for this reason that the Contrada's emblem depicts a green dragon with its tongue out, armed with red claws and darts, crowned in the ancient style with spread wings, and holding in its right claw, resting on the wing, a staff with a light blue pennon bearing a gold Roman capital letter “U” crowned royally, granted by Umberto I, King of Italy, following his visit to Siena in 1887.

The flag displays antique red and green, striped with yellow, and also bears the emblem of the Contrada and those of the ancient military companies of Sant'Egidio and San Donato ai Montanini.

Each contrada is represented by a series of characteristics and for the Contrada del Drago these are:

Arts and corporation: Bankers.

Patron Saint and Feast Day: Saint Catherine of Siena (April 29), the patron saint festival is celebrated on the last Sunday of May.

Symbolizes: Ardor

Cabala number: 50

District: Terzo di Camollia

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